Low Pressure Fitness Certified

We are closed from December 20 to January 1 included.

From January 2020, The Zoning Fit will operate by renting the spaces to the teachers so that as many lessons as possible, from our old timetable, can continue. This operation will be effective until we find a buyer who we hope will take over the fitness activities and enhance the high quality facilities and equipment that our spaces offer.

To find out which courses will be held in January, you can contact the teachers directly by email to obtain their timetables and prices:

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Welcome to The Zoning Fit!

Offer a unique place specialized in group and private lessons in a friendly and professional place. That's what pushed me to make my passion my job by opening The Zoning Fit.

In order to welcome each member and offer you a program adapted to your level, needs and his objectives, I am surrounded by a team of professionals recognized in their respective disciplines who share the same desire: to help people to feel good and fit!

Our classes are multi-level and the instructors will provide alternatives and postural corrections necessary for an effective and safe training. In addition, through our classes, we offer a multidisciplinary approach that combines fitness and therapies from the most recent research on health and well-being.

Come and meet us and try a first group lesson free of charge. We will help you choose the sports and wellness activities that are right for you so that physical activity becomes part of your life for long-term results.

Araceli Cancino

Founder of Zoning Fit

Personal Trainer certified EREPS Level 4

License in Labor Sciences (RRHH) UCL

Certifications in Melt®, Gasquet, Low Pressure Fitness, Cardiac Coherence, Pilates, TRX, Zumba®

Our facilities

Group classes

Personal Training and Therapies

Personal Training (PT)

Whether you need an adapted and specific program, to introduce you to a physical activity or to perfect your technique, we have various personal training programs to offer you. PT can be individual, duo or trio depending on the discipline. We can offer you a wide variety of sports: Pilates on the ground or on Reformer, muscular training according to De Gasquet method, Low Pressure Fitness (hypopressive), suspension training (TRX), interval training (HIIT) or the functional training.

During your first PT, you will be able to share your expectations with your personal trainer. He/she will take the time to set realistic goals with you and do a body analysis to adapt the exercises to your abilities and help you move forward safely and effectively.

Vertebral column scan

Thanks to the advanced technology IDIAG M360 you get a scan (without rays) of your spine and an analysis of its flexibility, harmony and mobility. This diagnosis offers you a program that is tailored to your physical characteristics to improve your condition. You can also follow your progressions after a few weeks of training.

This analysis worth 40€ is FREE as part of your personal training session and lasts +- 15min.

Heart coherence

Is a breathing technique to restore the balance of the autonomic nervous system, it is used in the medical and paramedical sector to manage stress, to help people with hypertension, to cure depression or burnout, etc.

During your first session, you will easily learn how to measure breathing technique and learn the variability between your heartbeats with the EmWave Pro software.

During your session you'll get used to an application that you will use to start your personal exercise. You will see remarkable results after 3 to 4 weeks, provided that you practice heart coherence 3 times a day for 5 minutes.

Treatment on MELT® fascia

Through massage and gentle pressure on the hands and soles of the feet, you will activate your connective tissues (fascia). Thanks to the latest discoveries in fascia anatomy, we now know that their proper functioning and hydration can prevent or cure chronic pain, accelerate healing, help reduce stress, increase energy, improve circulation and improve balance (proprioception) and even to relieve people suffering from fibromyalgia, algodystrophy, plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, migraines and sleep disorders.

Melt is also a hit with athletes because it helps prevent injuries and increase performance.

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF)

Technique mixing hypopressives and exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles and postural correction.

Hypopressives aim for a decrease in intra-abdominal pressure that will activate the deepest abdominal muscle responsible for a flat belly: the transverse. The LPF has taken this technique and offers a complete program combining hypopressive and muscular exercises to help improve posture and strengthen the respiratory system.

This method is the most effective in the case of rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and helps to heal or prevent herniated discs, inguinal hernias, diastasis, urinary excretion, incontinence problems.

Contraindication: people with hypertension and pregnant women can practice postures but not the hypopressive technique.

The Chi-Machine®

The Chi-Machine® of Dr Shizuo Inoue

The Chi-Machine® creates wave movements favoring:

Session of 5, 10 or 15 minutes on appointment only.

The use of the Chi-Machine® can be included in private lessons for free.

Corporate offer

There are always more companies that organize fitness sessions for their employees. Unfortunately, this approach is often limited to a traditional class that is not well suited to the real needs of employees, and the attendance rate of the classes rapidly decreases over time.

At The Zoning Fit we can offer you much more than a classic fitness class by enriching it with simple tips and tricks adapted to occasional or chronic pains related to professional activities.

First, we offer companies a first interview at the workplace with Araceli Cancino who is not only a Personal Trainer certified in several postural correction techniques and anti-stress, but also a human resources graduate. This first meeting allows us to offer an approach adapted to your organizational and human needs. We can then guide you in choosing the disciplines offered, their duration, their frequency and whether it should be done at The Zoning Fit or within your company.

Here are some of the services we have already offered to companies or associations:

They trusted us

Price list

Take a membership card on the day of your free trial and enjoy a 10% discount!

Group classes

Punch cards

5 classes 60€ (valid 3 months)
10 classes 110€ (valid 4 months)
20 classes 190€ (valid 7 months)

Membership cards

Silver 50€ per month (direct debit payment)
Gold 300€ for 6 months
VIP 550€ for one year
1 month 65€ / Student discount 40€

Single access

15€ (no punch card or membership fee needed)

Membership fee


Personal training & therapies

Personal Training (PT) (including FREE spine scan analysis)

Individual personal training session (60 min) 70€
DUO Personal Training session (60 min - 2 people) 80€
Short personal training session (45min) 50€
Discovery package (3 PT sessions) 180€
DUO Discovery Package (3 PT sessions) 210€
10 PT sessions 650€
DUO 10 personal training session (2 people) 750€

Spine Scan Analysis

Scan of your spine and individual workout program (15 min) 40€

Melt Method

Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot treatment (30 min) 35€
PACKAGE Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot (2x 30 min) 60€
DUO Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot (45 min) 50€
TRIO Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot (45 min) 60€

Low Pressure Fitness

Low Pressure Fitness private training (30 min) 35€
Low Pressure Fitness private training (60 min) 70€
PACKAGE Low Pressure Fitness private training (3x30 min) 90€

Cardiac Coherence

Reduce Stress and rebalance the Autonomic Nervous System (20 min) 30€

The Chi-Machine®

5 min session 5€
10 min session 10€
15 min session 15€

These prices do not include special events or occasional workshops.

Contact and opening times

Work out or shop with us!

We are located in Zaventem, next to the airport. Spacious and free private parking is at your disposal.

Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or to visit us!

The Zoning Fit

6 Imperiastraat
1930 Zaventem

Google map

De Lijn Zaventem Henneau/Excelsior
Bus : 272, 282, 471, 620, 621

+32 (0)2 880 43 30

Opening hours

Shopping and beauty care


The Zoning Shop

The Zoning Shop is dedicated to sports, beauty and well-being. It's also the only Zumba® Wear store in Belgium, open 5 days a week during the Zoning Fit classes, even during the holidays!

20% off the official online Zumba® price!

To all our Zoning Fit members (punch cards or membership) we offer a 20% discount on the official online retail price of all Zumba® items. We also are official retailer of the anti-slip SHASHI socks and the DERMALOGICA beauty products.

Possibility to buy gift cards that are valid at The Zoning Shop or at The Zoning Fit.

The Zoning Beauty

Discover this beauty and wellness area.


Alice receives you on appointment for complete cares:

The Zoning Fit members receive a 10% discount for all cares.

Gift voucher available

Opening from Monday to Friday regardless of The Zoning Fit.
Saturday and Sunday subject to availability.

On appointment only
Please notify 24 hours in advance in case of cancellation.

Alice Grappe
+32 476 44 35 05

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