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Welcome to The Zoning Fit!

Check out this Belgian sports centre, specialized in group classes and multidisciplinary personal training.

Founder of this extraordinary club is Araceli Cancino (personal trainer EREPS level 4). She is surrounded by a professional team of specialized instructors. Together they create a sports universe that is quite different from ordinary gyms.

With a very personal approach and a wide variety of classes to choose from, you will be guided towards long term effects.

Whatever your needs or level, we will help you achieve your goals. Our teaching methods are recognised by health specialists.

Araceli Cancino

  • MELT Hand and Foot Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Training certified
  • Cardiac Coherence certified
  • Abdology de Gasquet, Certified trainer
  • Low Pressure Fitness-Hypopressives® Certified Trainer
  • EREPS Member Level 4 – Personal Trainer / Pilates Teacher
  • Pilates Mat trained for essential, intermediate and advanced levels, Stott
  • Pilates Reformer trained for essential and intermediate levels, Stott
  • Pilates Instructor Level Foundation and Level 1, Corpus Studio
  • Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology Certificate, Corpus Studio
  • Professional Management and Program Design Certificate, Corpus Studio
  • American Council on Exercice Certification (ACE)
  • Aerobic and Fitness Association of America Certification (AFAA)
  • Certificated Zumba® Instructor

Class schedule

Class descriptions


Intense cardio class with the hits of afro music. Easy to follow and targeting the whole body. Only at The Zoning Fit.


Intense cardio class to yesterday’s and today's music hits. Easy to follow and targeting the whole body. Only at The Zoning Fit.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) organized in several stations. Participants perform short power exercises from one training station on to the next. Extremely effective fat loss training.


Work according to the latest methods of muscle building targeted on your deep muscles. This assures you a better posture, a flat stomach, greater support for your spine and a more competent pelvic floor. Suggested techniques: Low Pressure Fitness (hypopressive), the De Gasquet® method in yoga, Pilates on fitballs, Stretching and 5 minutes of Mindfulness Meditation to close your course in serenity.


Muscular strengthening to music of waist, abs and booty using techniques from Pilates & the hypopressive method to work deep muscles.


LPF combines myofascial stretching, neurodynamic exercises and hypopressives. The hypopressive technique is the centre of LPF and aims at lowering the intra-abdominal pressure to solicit the muscle fibres of the deep abdominals and the pelvic floor. The benefits are waistline reduction, postural re-education, improved breathing, pelvic floor recovery and sexual health enhancement.

PILATES (Reservation required)

Exercises aiming at the deep muscles. For a flat belly, a refinement of the silhouette and an improved body posture.


Calming exercises to stretch your muscles and relax your joints resulting in a state of well-being. The class ends with a Mindfulness Meditation that will calm your mind as well.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) organized in 4 quadrants of 10 to 12 minutes each, with recuperation periods in between. Variation of upright cardio exercises and muscular mat exercises. Great fat burning class.


Suspension training (TRX) consists of exercises with the support of belts under tension. Working out under tension gives you the opportunity to move the centre of gravity and to use your body weight to develop: strength, resistance, coordination and stability. TRX also offers you to maintain your silhouette.


Cardio class that mixes fitness and Latin dances.


Cardio work on nice rhythms adapted to 7-11 years old, given in Spanish! Children will be able to spend time while enjoying a language immersion with one teacher whose mother tongue is Spanish. In order to work better with the children, the parents are not allowed to participate, but they can follow the activity on a screen at the reception.

Our facilities

The Zoning Shop

The Zoning Shop is dedicated to sports, beauty and well-being. It's also the only Zumba® Wear store in Belgium, open 5 days a week during the Zoning Fit classes, even during the holidays!

20% off the official online Zumba® price!

To all our Zoning Fit members (punch cards or membership) we offer a 20% discount on the official online retail price of all Zumba® items. We also are official retailer of the anti-slip SHASHI socks and the DERMALOGICA beauty products.

Possibility to buy gift cards that are valid at The Zoning Shop or at The Zoning Fit.

The Zoning Beauty

Discover this beauty and wellness area.


Alice receives you on appointment for complete cares:

Facial care (Dermalogica)

Personalized facial 75’
Young skin care
(-18 years old) 45’
Microzone 30’
Bt-Nano: Technology Facial Treatment

Care that combines the non-invasive methods of micro-currents with Dermalogica.

Pro Skin Expert Active Bt Nano full treatment 65’
Bt-Nano Lift 30’
Bt-Nano Invisible Expression 30’
Bt-Nano Quickly Clear (acne) 50’

Cure 5+1 offered
(not combinable with other offers)

Body care

Massage (relaxing/energizing/deep pressure) 30’/60’/90’
Hot stone massage 60’
Slimming massage + body wrap 60’
Light legs massage 30’/60’

Eyelash and eyebrow

Microblading/Microshading + retouch within 4 weeks (semi-permanent make-up)
Eyelash extensions (by Osé)
Lashlift (by Osé)
Lashlift + lash tinting (by Osé)
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
Eyelash tinting
Eyebrow tinting


Full bikini
USA bikini
Brazilian bikini
Classic bikini
Full leg wax
Half leg wax
Arm wax
Eyebrow wax
Eyebrow shaping
Lip wax
Nose wax
Chest wax
Back wax from

Hand and foot care

Bt-Nano Platinum Touch 20’
Foot spa
Semi-permanent nail polish
Paraffin care
Nail polish
Semi-permanent nail polish removal
Nail shaping
Extra French

The Zoning Fit members receive a 10% discount for all cares.

Gift voucher available

Opening from Monday to Friday regardless of The Zoning Fit.
Saturday and Sunday subject to availability.

On appointment only
Please notify 24 hours in advance in case of cancellation.

Contact: +32 476 44 35 05
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Price list

Take a membership card on the day of your free trial and enjoy a 10% discount!

Group classes

Punch cards

5 classes 60€ (valid 3 months)
10 classes 110€ (valid 4 months)
20 classes 190€ (valid 7 months)

Membership cards

Silver 50€ per month (direct debit payment)
Gold 300€ for 6 months
VIP 550€ for one year
1 month 65€ / Student discount 40€

Single access

15€ (no punch card or membership fee needed)

Membership fee


Personal training & therapies

Personal Training (PT) (including FREE spine scan analysis)

Individual personal training session (60 min) 70€
DUO Personal Training session (60 min - 2 people) 80€
Short personal training session (45min) 50€
Discovery package (3 PT sessions) 180€
DUO Discovery Package (3 PT sessions) 210€
10 PT sessions 650€
DUO 10 personal training session (2 people) 750€

Spine Scan Analysis

Scan of your spine and individual workout program (15 min) 40€

Melt Method

Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot treatment (30 min) 35€
PACKAGE Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot (2x 30 min) 60€
DUO Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot (45 min) 50€
TRIO Melt Mini Hand, Mini Foot (45 min) 60€

Low Pressure Fitness

Low Pressure Fitness private training (30 min) 35€
Low Pressure Fitness private training (60 min) 70€
PACKAGE Low Pressure Fitness private training (3x30 min) 90€

Cardiac Coherence

Reduce Stress and rebalance the Autonomic Nervous System (20 min) 30€

These prices do not include special events or occasional workshops.

Contact and opening times

Work out or shop with us!

We are located in Zaventem, next to the airport. Spacious and free private parking is at your disposal.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or to visit us!

The Zoning Fit

6 Imperiastraat
1930 Zaventem

Google map

De Lijn Zaventem Henneau/Excelsior
Bus : 272, 282, 471, 620, 621

+32 (0)2 880 43 30

Opening hours

Give your staff a Pilates Break during their workday

Improve your staff’s quality of life and health with our new Pilates Break tailored for office workers. This 55 minutes class includes all the benefits that Pilates offers but also incorporates some specific exercises to help your staff be more relaxed, healthier and efficient in their job.

One of the advantages of Pilates is that taking a shower or a long break is not required, just a mat and a comfortable outfit.

Some benefits at the office:

They talk about us

Deze week (Dutch)

Deze Week

Femmes d'aujourd'hui (French)

Femmes d'aujourd'hui

Femmes d'aujourd'hui (French)

Femmes d'aujourd'hui